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As someone well-travelled and accomplished, you're no stranger to life's finer pleasures.

Yet, beneath the daily hustle, there's a pulsating desire for something more exotic, more intimate. A connection that's not just sensual, but cerebral and invigorating. Now, imagine meeting someone who shares your sense of wonder...

Much like Alice entranced by Wonderland, I navigate this world with a curious heart. I wander through its labyrinth, adorned in silk and lace, trailing whispers of my intoxicating scent.

To some, I am a riddle wrapped in a mystery, while to others, a trusted confidante. I offer an open ear, a mind devoid of bias, and a sanctuary where your innermost desires find solace.

The quest for knowledge has always guided me. I’ve immersed myself in diverse cultures, absorbing foreign languages, I have soaked in worldly wisdom —and still, I crave more.

I am drawn to those who dare, who appreciate the exceptional, and who seek a connection that transcends the physical.

I invite you to embark on this journey with me, to create memories that linger like my scent in the breeze.

Are you ready to set sail?


Canadian-Born Hungarian

Thirty-One Trips Around the Sun

5'5 | 165cm

Balaton Blue Eyes

Dark Blonde Hair


Fluent in English, French, & Hungarian; learning Italian


Rose Quatre Saisons Magnolias Orchids

Silk Sapphires Lace

Iceland Peru Tuscany Egypt

Single Malts Dry Bubbles H20

Sailing (certified skipper)  Weight Training Yoga

Matisse Miró Raphael Fragonard Modigliani Dalí Bosch

Sade Ella Fitzgerald Vivaldi Pavarotti Charles Aznavour Nirvana Pink Floyd

Cara Delmar in white trousers holding a pair of sunglasses.

International Rates

All rates are quoted in CAD

Driven by genuine chemistry and unforgettable moments, I'm discerning about the company I keep. Dive into the details below and, when ready, send a thoughtful introduction.

Cocktails & Pillow Talk

4 Hours


A Prelude

2 Hours


Breakfast in Bed

16 hours


The Night is Ours

6 - 8 hours


Epic Saga

Up to 7 days


Whirlwind Weekend

Up to 48 hours


Classic Interlude

Up to 24 hours


the fine print

Discover the world, hand in hand with me.

My wanderlust knows no bounds, and these dates truly ignite my spirit. Regardless of where our adventure takes us, my rates in Canadian dollars (or equivalent) are consistent across all global destinations. Extended engagements should include decadent meals, social time, and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep nightly.

Fly me to you

Eastern Canada

Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City

Two hour min.

Western Canada

Vancouver, Calgary

Overnight min.

Central & South America

24 hour min.


24 hour min.

Rest of the World

Asia, Africa, Middle East

UAE & Oceania

Two day min.


Cara Delmar on a luxury Catamaran in the Pacific Ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Screening is in place for my safety and yours. If you are unable to provide one of the two options listed here, we will not be able to meet in person.

All bookings are made at my discretion.

Everything between us is completely confidential.

Employment Verification

Provide a link to your LinkedIn page. An account verification process will follow to ensure that you are the account holder.

Personal Verification

Send me a selfie: A frontal photo of you holding your government-issued ID with your full name, DOB and expiration date clearly showing.


A 25% Deposit is required to secure our time

I accept cash, Interac e-transfers and wire transfers. All digital payments will appear under a discreet company name. Please ensure that digital payments are taken care of before our date begins.

Envelopes are to be presented unsealed within a book or card if we are meeting in a public place, or within plain sight on a side table / in the powder room at the beginning of our date. In the unlikely scenario that I have to cancel, I will of course return the deposit in full immediately.